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  • Easy access to advice and resources

    Easy access to Advice and Resources

    Provides managers with HR and Safety advice and resources at their fingertips. Advice is categorised by topic, searchable and can be tailored by your team so managers understand how HR and Safety works in your organisation.

  • Easy access to advice and resources

    Quick Links

    Instant access to procedures, forms, guidelines, templates, process maps and examples. Also allows click on access to all advice topics in the standardised HR and Safety platform.

  • Extensive FAQ Library

    Extensive FAQ Library

    An extensive Library of over 1,500 HR and Safety questions and answers (FAQs) that you can select, tailor or add to for your organisation. A great way to upskill managers in HR and Safety practice.

  • HR Documents, Forms & Templates

    Documents & Templates

    Stores and gives you quick access to your organisation’s own HR and Safety documents and the ability to select more from the Library to use as is or tailor to your own circumstances.

  • Access to current legislation

    Access to Current Legislation

    Stores and gives you quick access to up-to-date employment legislation.

  • Online Training & Tools

    Online Tools

    Provides access to HR and Safety tools such as recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS), assessment, employment screening and online training.

  • Employee Files & Alerts

    Employee Files & Alerts

    Stores and gives you quick access to your team’s Employee files and data. Acts as a simple HR Information System for managers which can be integrated with your payroll, HRIS or other systems. Provides HR metrics, reports and alerts for birthdays, service anniversaries and updating licences/qualifications.

  • Team Structure

    Team Structure

    Lists teams and reporting lines and is where you set up you organisation’s structure.

  • Health and Safety Metrics

    Health & Safety Metrics

    Provides data input and monthly evaluation of your organisation's Health & Safety performance, including a governance overview, and detailing input into selectable lead indicators.

  • Health and Safety Reports

    Health & Safety Reports

    Click on the "View metrics" button to see your FYE monthly reports on lag indicators, frequency rates and lead indicators.

  • Governance


    Click on the "View governance" button for directors to overview your organisation's progress against Health & Safety governance risk considerations.

  • Hazards


    Click on the "View hazards" button for a register of hazards. Intuition provides hazard recording for all workers and allows hazard reviews to be assigned to a specific person.

  • Incidents


    Click on the "View incidents" button for a detailed register of incidents, including recording of notifiable incidents.

  • Plant & Equipment

    Plant & Equipment

    Stores and gives you quick access to a list of your organisation’s Plant & Equipment. Acts as a repository for photos and documents related to these assets, which may be referred to in hazard and incident recording. Also allows reminder emails to be sent for specific required actions.