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Plan Employees/Contractors Storage * Per month (NZD) Training **
SME 1 Up to 20 2GB $100 + GST 1 session
SME 2 Up to 80 4GB $150 + GST 1 session
SME 3 Up to 200 6GB $200 + GST 1 session
Medium 1 Up to 400 10GB $400 + GST 1 session
Medium 2 Up to 700 15GB $700 + GST 1 session
Medium 3 Up to 1,000 20GB $1,000 + GST 1-2 sessions
Large 1 Up to 2,000 40GB $2,000 + GST 2-4 sessions
Large 2 Unlimited (1 entity) 75GB $3,000 + GST 2-4 sessions
Large 3 Unlimited (2+ entities) 150GB $5,000 + GST To be agreed
Membership/Franchise organisations Master site with individually named Member/Franchisee sites Varies according to
size and price
Quotation To be agreed

* Additional storage can be purchased if required.

** Recommended number of optional training sessions for managers in SME organisations and HR/H&S staff in larger organisations. After they become familiar with the system we suggest that selected staff in the organisation train managers to enhance buy-in. Alternatively training can be completed by Intuition. Cost of training from Intuition trainers is $1,000 per 3-4 hour session plus disbursements paid at cost plus GST. Help documentation is also available within the site.

Pricing terms

  • No up-front capital cost for software purchase; initial customising / set-up fee from NZ$200 plus GST, which can include adding logo, interfacing with other systems in your organisation.
  • User licence logins are leased on a monthly basis.
  • One month’s additional notice of cancellation after 12 months; no cancellation fee and you retain your own proprietary data.