Intuition is proud to work with our partners to offer you a range of HR solutions.

  • Recruiting tools

    Haystack is recruiting software that helps you manage your entire hiring process from one clean, simple, and totally mobile hub. It enables you to view and manage applicant information and communication. This software eliminates messy spreadsheets, tames your overflowing inbox and finds your best candidates faster. Check out Haystack's quick software demo.

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  • Assessment tools

    Based in New Zealand, Australia, Philippines and USA, Talegent provides a comprehensive range of international talent assessment tools and tests. Talegent is the first talent assessment provider that’s top-to-bottom designed for the digital staffing era. Talegent offers the freedom to choose exactly what you need—from a single personality test or aptitude test to a complete turnkey solution.

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  • Training on Demand

    Intuition has partnered with Populus to provide a comprehensive range of training programmes, workbooks and courses. Populus Training on Demand works with large, small, national and multinational clients specialising in staff development. Populus offers a huge range of training topics covering practical, usable business skills across all levels. Materials are based on world best practice and developed in New Zealand.

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  • Employment screening

    Employrite is a long established leader in employment screening with offices in New Zealand and Australia. They provide a comprehensive range of background screening checks to cover all of your needs. Employrite assists organisations to confirm the skills, qualifications, experience and suitability of job candidates or existing staff in organisations both large and small. They can manage the entire process for your organisation, or complement the assessments already undertaken.

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