About Intuition

“What managers really want is to have the responsibility and guidance to proactively take action for themselves and for their teams. To be given the tools to improve their own performance and that of their team. To have the information that they require at their fingertips, helping them to make the people decisions that matter to them in real time. And the call for change is growing louder.” Philip Spriet
From the Hay Group blog, October 2013

Intuition is a cloud-based tool that empowers SME Managers to manage their own day-to-day Human Resources and Safety activity. Research shows Managers are critical to managing talent successfully and, that in high performing organisations, they need appropriate support to personally manage their own HR and Safety needs. Intuition provides access to 24/7 HR and Safety advice tailored to your organisation and is specifically designed to be used by Managers and HR/Safety staff.

It includes

  • Easy access to an extensive library of over 4,000 HR and Safety FAQs, documents (guidelines, templates, articles, process maps, policy, standards, procedures, forms) and regular news articles.
  • Ability to easily tailor or add to these resources for your organisation.
  • Quick access to view current employment legislation.
  • Secure online storage of employee files with managers having easy access to their own team’s files.
  • Access to HR tools such as recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS), assessment, employment screening and online training.
  • The ability to ask for additional HR and Safety advice at no additional cost if it is not included in Intuition.

In high performing organisations

Skilled managers are:

  • Personally managing their own HR and Safety needs
  • Taking responsibility for a large part of their HR and Safety practices
  • More engaged with their people and reducing staff turnover
  • Supported by smart and timely HR and Safety advice
  • Reducing organisational risk

Skilled HR and Safety staff focus on:

  • Supporting managers with HR and Safety advice and coaching
  • Performance improvement strategies
  • Capability and leadership development
  • Creating or providing smart HR and Safety tools for managers
  • Providing HR and Safety coaching to managers


Results are:

  • Improved operational performance through more empowered people managers
  • Better staff engagement and less staff turnover
  • A safer work environment
  • Greater job satisfaction for HR and Safety staff
  • More consistent HR and Safety advice
  • Significantly improved HR and Safety organisational risk profiles
  • Better skilled and knowledgable HR and Safety staff.

How do we measure the HR and Safety function’s performance?

Key measures are:

  • Customer value (how the organisation perceives the HR and Safety functions)
  • Effectiveness and cost of the HR and Safety functions
  • Cycle time on HR and Safety initiatives/projects/advice
  • A more engaged and safer organisation

Intuition will improve your organisation’s performance on all 4 measures by upskilling and supporting managers and HR and Safety staff through our huge knowledge base.

Measuring performance

Other features

  • Three levels of access: manager access (can view all relevant content but cannot make changes), administrator access (for the system administrator and/or any HR/Safety staff who can review content and make changes where appropriate) and worker access for inputting Health & Safety lead/lag activity.
  • Provides SMEs with instant access to HR and Safety advice and information while freeing up any HR/Safety staff to provide added focus on organisational innovation and change projects, performance improvement strategies, capability and leadership development and providing coaching to managers.
  • Also provides HR and Health & Safety monthly reporting metrics for managers and directors, including advice on governance risk.
  • Tailor the content to your own organisation – keep it simple or take the opportunity to raise the ‘HR and Safety bar’ in your organisation.
  • Integrate Intuition with other software such as your payroll system, HRIS, ERP or content management system.